5 Boolean Operators

You Need to Know

Watch the powerful webinar led by one of the industry's top sourcers, Mike "Batman" Cohen

Jam-packed with fantastic questions, Boolean logic, and what you need to master to become a hiring machine.

What's Loxo?

Unlimited Contact Info for 500M+

Loxo Connect™

That's right. Over half a billion people's personal and work phone numbers, as well as their email addresses, so you can connect with candidates and prospects with, literally, the touch of a button.

Automated Campaigns

Loxo Outreach™

Build custom and highly personalized sequences of communication to automate your outreach to prospects and candidates, increasing engagement while decreasing the amount of time you'll work.

Data-driven Sourcing

Loxo Source™

Find anyone in the world's largest talent graph of over 520 million people. Use powerful AI to recommend top candidates in any field, from over 46 billion data points worldwide.

Machine Learning ATS + CRM

Loxo ATS + CRM™

If you had a blank check to build the perfect Recruiting ATS + CRM for your firm, you wouldn't need it. We've built a completely customizable ATS + CRM that integrates beautifully with our other tools, creating the seamless workflow experience you've been dreaming of.

– Will Spengler, Partner, TEEMA

"I have been in the product for 90 days and I'm just blown away. ATS/CRM is super nice to source through. Loxo Source is incredible for advanced Booleans and the database is rad around 500m+ people. The AI sourcing and matching plus Loxo Source is insane cool. Campaign feature is amazing. This product is crushing it."

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